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Mark Elkhuizen_MG_5666-2.jpg

Mark Elkhuizen

Mark has been working as a lawyer in the corporate law advisory and litigation practice since 2005. Mark advises and litigates, among other things, on acquisitions and corporate governance. He also advises and litigates on liability issues and contract law. Mark successfully completed the postgraduate specialization course Enterprise & Liability at the Grotius Academy. In addition to the advisory and transaction practice, Mark is regularly involved in complex disputes and proceedings (including proceedings before the Enterprise Chamber of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal and arbitration). He is a member of the Corporate Litigation Association and the Dutch Liability Law Association. 

Mark has registered the following areas of law as a specialisation with the Dutch Bar Association:
• Corporate law
• Law of civil procedure

+31 (0)6 13 11 25 00

Margot van Camp_MG_5540-2-2.jpg

Margot van Camp

Margot van Camp was sworn in as a lawyer in 2005 and has been working in the commercial litigation and advisory practice ever since. Margot has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of commercial contracts and commercial partnerships, such as franchising and distribution. Margot is frequently engaged as a lawyer by franchisors, franchise associations and franchisees. In 2007, Margot worked for some time as a lawyer in London, where she worked in the English litigation practice, including in the field of franchising. She is a member of the DFA association (Distribution, Franchise and Agency Law) and the Dutch Association of Mediation Lawyers (NVVMA).

Margot has registered the following area of law as a specialisation with the Dutch Bar Association:

• Law of obligations

Christiaan Giljam_MG_5469-2.jpg

Christiaan Giljam

Christiaan Giljam has been a lawyer since 1997. He specializes in corporate and insolvency law. In the past, he has frequently acted as trustee in bankruptcies and administrator in moratoriums. He now focuses on assisting in restarts and restructurings. He completed the INSOLAD specialization course for insolvency lawyers (cum laude). In 2021, he followed the training to become a restructuring expert within the meaning of the Dutch Restructuring Scheme (WHOA). Christiaan is regularly involved in WHOA-proceedings. He is a member of the Insolvency Lawyers Association INSOLAD and the Dutch Restructuring Association.

Christiaan has registered the following areas of law as a specialisation with the Dutch Bar Association:

• Insolvency law

• Corporate law


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